Cheswick Green

Cheswick Green is located south of the A34 and bounded by Creynolds Lane, Watery Lane and Tanworth Lane and the watercourses of the River Blythe and Mount Brook.

Cheswick is the location of an ancient fortified site, known as the Mount, and a manor house, situated to the north of the modern settlement. The origin and purpose of the site remain a mystery, but there have been claims that it is of Saxon or even Roman origin. A large portion of the site was, some believe, criminally destroyed by the builders of modern Cheswick Green.

In Medieval times the Archer Family who, from the time of the Conquest, had settled in the vicinity of what is now Umberslade, owned most of the land in Tanworth and are recorded as holding court at a manor house at Cheswick. Also in Medieval times a water mill, known as Benettsford Mill, existed on the River Blythe at the junction of Watery Lane and Tanworth Lane. At the turn of the last century much of the land belonged to Banisters Farm which fronted Tanworth Lane and later became Mount Dairy Farm. The land was acquired by a Birmingham Lawyer, Philip Baker, who laid it out its lands as an extensive pleasure ground including refreshment rooms, a ballroom, tennis courts, a maze, a garden representing the atrium of the Vestal Virgins of Rome and another in the shape of a Victoria Cross to commemorate the fallen of the Boer War.

For many years the area was a popular resort for Birmingham people, who were treated to many spectacular events.

Old Postcard

Part of an old postcard showing the Vestal Virgins
Atrium Garden At the Mount Pleasure Grounds


Village Centre

Cheswick Green Village Centre


The Village has a clearly defined social and service centre which is focused around a ‘traditional Green’; opposite is a landscaped area with a cluster of six shops (Pharmacy, Post Office/Off-Licence, Newsagent/Provisions, Restaurant, Kitchen Furniture, Uni-sex Hairdresser), the Saxon Public House the Village Hall and Doctor’s Surgery, beyond which is a Recreation Ground, extending down to the River Blythe, with Children’s Play Area, open space and a Football Pitch.

Village Hall

Cheswick Green Village Hall built with money raised by the residents
and with contributions from the Parish Council. The Recreation Ground
with Children’s Play Area can be seen beyond the Hall.


Open Spaces

There are a number of other open spaces throughout the Village
maintained by the Parish Council including the archaeologically
important remains of the Mount.