Cheswick Place - Coppice Walk Access

Published: 28 October 2017

The Parish Council has spent a considerable amount of time, since Bloor Homes informed members on 16 October of its intention to use Coppice Walk to access its site for construction traffic from Monday 30 October, trying to get this decision reversed. As previously stated the Parish Council was not consulted before this decision was made.

The Parish Council has contacted both SMBC and Bloor Homes about this issue and has not been able to secure a satisfactory resolution. The communications sent can be seen by referring to the previous news item on this website.

Bloor Homes have not responded at all and, despite follow up emails and several telephone calls, a satisfactory answer has not been forthcoming from SMBC. The Parish Council has now written to the Chief Executive of SMBC requesting his help to resolve this. Members will continue to work to try to reach a satisfactory outcome.

It has become apparent that, unless there is a specific Planning Condition preventing the use of Coppice Walk for construction access, there is no means by which the access can legally be prevented. Despite our enquiries, and members' searching the Planning archive, no such condition has yet been identified. However, before construction of Cheswick Place commenced the Parish Council was informed by Bloor Homes that access would be via Tanworth Lane.