Junction at the Bottom of Creynolds Lane

Published: 24 January 2018

Junction of Creynolds Lane, Watery Lane, Illshaw Heath Road and Vicarage Road

Residents may be aware that a serious accident occurred at this junction yesterday (23 January). The Parish Council has been aware of the dangers posed at this junction particularly regarding poor sight lines and the fact that traffic is often travelling too fast. When planning permission was granted for the second phase of the Bloor Homes development one of the conditions set was for improvements to this junction including a ‘table top’ to slow traffic down. When this work had not taken place apart from some alterations to the kerb lines the issue was raised with SMBC and one of their highways officers came out to a Parish Council meeting and looked at the junction. Since then no action has been forthcoming from SMBC. It is to be hoped that following this incident SMBC will consider this issue more seriously. The Parish Council is aware that Councillor Ken Hawkins of SMBC is raising this matter with Council Officers and the police.