Village Hall Roof Update 6 Oct 2016

Published: 06 October 2016

                                   Village Hall Roof - Update 6th October 2016

Further to the Parish Council instructing a Structural Engineer to produce a Specification of the work to be undertaken to repair the roof, this Specification was recently submitted to 6 companies for competitive quotations to be obtained. The deadline for these quotations to be received was 12 noon Monday 3rd October 2016.

The Clerk to the Parish Council opened the quotes received in the presence of 5 members of the Parish Council and it was unanimously agreed that Kingfisher Building would be awarded the contract.

As public funds are being used it has been necessary for the Parish Council to obtain competitive quotes due to the costs involved, and to comply with financial regulations. The Parish Council has a duty to do this and to seek best value for money.

Since 1975, the roof trusses have gradually twisted as a result of building regulations in force at that time. The problem has been made worse by youths clambering over the roof causing the roof trusses to become unstable. The condition of the roof is such that extensive repair is unavoidable and other necessary maintenance will also be undertaken.

Enquiries have been made as to whether this would be covered by insurance for the Village Hall, unfortunately the insurance does not cover this.

Programme of Works:

Tenders opened - 3rd October 2016

Contract awarded - 4th October

Contract commencement - 10th October

Contract completion date - 10th November

Please note the completion date of 10th November above is subject to weather conditions.

The small hall, toilets and kitchen will remain in use while the works are being undertaken.

The Parish Council has set a short time period for completion so that the village hall can be brought back into full use as soon as possible.