Village Hall Roof Update 27 Oct 2016

Published: 27 October 2016

As you may have been previously informed, the roof trusses have gradually twisted since 1997. The problem had been made worse by youths clambering over the roof causing the roof trusses to become unstable. The condition of the roof is such that extensive repair work is unavoidable and other necessary maintenance will also be undertaken.

Shortly after the works commenced, all the roof trusses were found to be beyond repair and another solution was required to repair the roof. A delay ensued because steel beams had to be manufactured, delivered and a crane hired to lift them into the roof space.

Please note the revised completion date is 25th November subject to weather conditions.

The small hall, toilets and kitchen will continue to remain in use while the works are being carried out.

The Parish Council apologises for the inconvenience caused, which it is hoped you understand is beyond our control.