Councillor Vacancies

Published: 10 October 2018



There are 2 vacancies on the above Council. The Parish Council has decided to fill these vacancies by co-option.

The Parish Council currently has seven seats and there is a statutory requirement for a minimum of three members to be present for a Parish Council meeting to take place.

The Council wishes to fill these vacancies as soon as possible.

If you are interested in applying for a vacant seat, please go to the Parish Councils website: for an application form. Use the drop-down menu – click on ‘Parish Council’ and then ‘Statutory Requirements’ to access the form.

Send your completed application form to the Clerk to the Council via the Village Hall or email –

The Council is working on behalf of the community in the following ways:-

Representing the Parish in dealing with local matters

Responding to Planning Applications

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan

Maintaining and risk assessing Parish Council owned land

Arranging community events such as Christmas tree lights

Liaising with Solihull MBC on local issues

Date:- 10th October 2018 

Clerk: Marie Zizzi