Response to Survey on Bus Service

Published: 14 October 2018



Further to our Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday night, when a number of residents attended due to their concerns regarding the proposed bus routes.


On behalf of the Parish Council I would like to put forward a suggested route and some other comments.


Suggested route: from Cheswick Green shops up Cheswick Way, turn right down Creynolds Lane, into Watery Lane, then via Tanworth Lane to the Stratford Road, down the Stratford Road, turn right by Morrisons and then follow to roundabout at Danford Lane, down there to Blossomfield Road, left into Solihull, circuit the town and back the same way. This would cover most needs and the route would not be too long - long routes often lead to delays. Current S2 not used as so unreliable. This would also serve Cheswick Place from the top entrance, it would also serve the Tanworth Lane surgery, which residents are finding an increasing need to access.


Various other comments were made last night such as;


  • quite a few residents do not drive
  • there are people the need to get to Solihull Sixth Form College, at various times during the day
  • having to change buses in Shirley is not appropriate for elderly or disabled people
  • that there is an absolute need for people to be able to get to the surgery on Tanworth Lane, as there is a complete lack of service currently and in the proposals
  • it would appear that residents do not like any of the proposed routes
  • that there is no point in the services going to Blythe Valley
  • that people do not use the currently available services as they are unreliable and poorly maintained, therefore people have given up using the service
  • that the journey time is too long
  • that people do need to be able to get to Shirley as this is where the nearest shops are
  • that if there was a more reliable and suitable service more people would use it and there would be less traffic on the roads
  • there were also comments about the possibility of having integrated fares between companies, as if passengers transfer to National Express to reach Birmingham the total fare becomes very costly
  • It was also pointed out that people need to be able to get to Solihull train station in a single journey particularly for going to work in Birmingham or southwards


Cheswick Green Parish Council is also aware the both Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green Parish Councils and their residents are not happy with the suggested proposals as well. It has been suggested you hold a public meeting/event to discuss bus services with residents to find out more and the number of local people that are concerned about this.


Additional information sent:-


The whole point of the suggested route going down Danford Lane to Blossomfield Road is so that students could access Solihull College (this is not the Sixth Form College which students also need to reach via Solihull town centre). A bus into Solihull is also needed for access to the Hospital for outpatients appointments etc. – as people from Cheswick Green get sent there from the local surgery for blood tests etc.