Parish Council Update

Published: 21 January 2019

Parish Council Update

We have been working on your behalf on the following projects:

  • Tesco Bags of Help - a BIG thank you to everybody that voted for us, we came second and the money (£2000) will go towards refurbishing the Children’s Play Area.

  • War Memorial Rededication - This will take place on Sunday 20th January 2019, starting at 12noon in the Village Hall. All Cheswick Parish Residents are welcome to attend, formal invitations from Bloor Homes are on their way to households.

  • Creynolds Lane/Stratford Road Junction - Parish Councillors were not consulted regarding the changes and have written SMBC (click here to view our response) to express concerns with the positioning and sequence of the traffic lights, as well as the lack of ‘New Road Layout’ signage.

  • Allocation 12 - This site, which will see the development of 1000 homes, will be built on land that is commonly known as 'Light Hall Farm'. This site configured with site 11 (TRW/The Green and Stratford Road) which is primarily brown field/commercial land. The already gridlocked roads of Dog Kennel Lane and Tanworth Lane already witness severe congestion at peak times and there is a serious burden on an area already seeing substantial development as well as commercial developments in the area. The immediate area, as well as Shirley in general will not be able to cope with the extra traffic this development will bring. In addition, Cheswick Green witnessed severe flooding in March and May 2018 and the risk of adding to flooding problems is high. The Parish Council need your help to get Allocation 12 removed from SMBC’s Local Development Plan. Cllr Ken Hawkins has a petition on his website We must make our voice heard, please sign the petition and make your views known to SMBC.

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) - Cheswick Green Parish Council thanks you all for your survey replies they have been incorporated into our draft NDP, this will shortly be submitted to our consultant for review. Once approved the NDP will give us a strong basis to influence the type and amount of building in our Parish.

  • 20 mph School Zone - The Parish Council feels that this is not the most robust option for speed reduction in Cheswick Way. Research shows that the 20 mph limit is not adhered to, however, when surrounding roads are also 20 mph it does work. The Parish Council have asked SMBC for Cheswick Green & Cheswick Place (Illshaw Heath is already 20 mph) roads to be reduced to 20 mph. We await a response.