Site 12 Road Survey

Published: 03 February 2019

Dear Cheswick Residents

As you may be aware as well as the building of 750 homes that has already begun on Blythe Valley Park, there are plans to build 800+ homes on the land from Dog Kennel Lane down to Cheswick Green – known as Site 12 in Solihull MBCs draft Local Development Plan (LDP). The Parish Council understands that houses need to be built, but believe they need to be built on land that doesn’t flood and that appropriate infrastructure is in place, therefore the Parish Council will be objecting to this proposal.

Roads around Cheswick (Creynolds Lane, Tanworth Lane, Dog Kennel Lane) are already gridlocked a scenario that can only worsen if more homes are built. The Parish Council would like you to record delays to your journeys. Could you please record the following details:-

From: 00:01 Monday 4th February 2019
To: 00:00 Sunday 10th February 2019

1 Date
2 Time
3 Road
4 Length of time you were delayed

Photographs would be really useful - but ONLY if it is safe and legal for you to do so.

This information will assist us to build a strong case for this site to be removed.

Please email this information to along with your name & first line of your address.

Thank You