Mount Dairy Farm - Update

Published: 30 November 2015

Update 30th November 2015

Bloor Homes appointed contractors will be on site from Monday 14 December 2015 to undertake preparatory works; including cutting out the construction access road off Tanworth Lane and setting out the site compound & welfare facilities etc.

Bloor Homes as principle contractor will start on site on 15 February 2016.

All construction traffic into/out of the site will be via Tanworth Lane.

Update 6th May

Wessex Archaeology will be on site at Tanworth Lane tomorrow (Thursday 7 May).

They will carry out a programme of archaeological evaluation trenching across the site; estimated to last for approximately 7 working days. The results will be published in an Evaluation Report which is anticipated to be published 4-6 weeks after completion of the trenching

Update 30th April

Bloor Homes have contacted the Parish Council with the following update.

In response to a request from the Parish Council, Bloor Homes have produced a ‘drainage strategy leaflet’ to explain how the water in Mount Brook is to be managed in times of flood. The leaflets will be distributed to local residents on Friday 1st May. The addresses that will receive the leaflets are in Coppice Close, Coppice Walk, Willow Drive, the lower end of Saxon Wood Road, Heron Close, Brookside and the houses that back on to the River Blythe in Cheswick Way.

For addresses not receiving the leaflet, Bloor Homes have sent the Parish Council a copy to put on our website; it can be downloaded here (please note if you have a fast broadband internet connection then a high resolution copy is available here). Some leaflets will also be available in the Village Hall and from the village newsagents, Parmar News.

It is likely that a programme of archaeological trenching activity will commence on site during the latter half of next week (w/b 4th May) and will last for 7 working days. The precise starting date will be posted here once it is known.

News on Mount Dairy Farm can be found on the Bloor Homes website for Mount Dairy Farm