Solihull Local Plan Review

Published: 21 November 2020


1000 New Houses Cheswick Green - Site 12 Dog Kennel Lane

Solihull MBC proposes to build a minimum of 1000 new houses on this green belt land. You can find out more about this proposal at policy BL2 on page 177 of the current Local Plan.

Solihull MBC will approve development of this site despite what you say, but it is important you object because the Government Inspector will listen to all objections. To object, you must do so via the Council’s website ( by no later than Monday 14th December 2020.

The Parish Council’s objections on your behalf alone are not sufficient to prevent this development.

Why object? (you can include these points in your objection)
Cheswick Green cannot cope with any more developments
Five years ago, Cheswick Green had 1000 dwellings; at present there are 2000 dwellings. By the time Blythe Valley is complete there will be 3000 dwellings. If this development goes ahead there will be 4000+ dwellings.
A disproportionate number of houses are being built in Cheswick Green compared to the rest of the Borough. Not enough houses are being built on brownfield sites.

Even more problems accessing local services

This development will put further strain on the NHS for your hospital appointments, operations, and a longer to wait to see your Doctor. There is no plan to build a new GP surgery alongside these houses.

Strong likelihood of more flooding

Some of you will have suffered from flooding recently. The more green space that is lost to housing the greater, the likelihood of future flooding to a greater extent. Following the flood of 2109, a report was produced by Solihull MBC, but little finance is available to protect your homes even though the responsibility lies with Solihull MBC.

Travel, employment and public transport

Consider how much longer will it take you to get to and from work with already busy roads likely to become gridlocked at peak times. There are no local employment and public transport benefits and a new transport policy is not included within the draft plan.

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The environment

National planning policy confirms that Green Belt should be defined by permanent features such as roads, railways or water courses.
The Council intend to create an artificial boundary by building a road as part of the proposed development. This goes against the spirit and intentions of national planning policy.

Preventing even more development in future years

Dog Kennel Lane is the only boundary between Cheswick Green and adjoining areas of the Borough. If that boundary is lost the rest of our Parish is open to further extensive development. We face the likelihood that very little if any green space will remain.

What is the Parish Council doing to object?

We have commissioned a professional to help with objecting to this development. Solihull MBC documents in relation to the Draft Local Plan are hundreds of pages long and require an expert to work through all of the points.

We will publish our objection on our website in due course. In the meantime, please contact the Parish Council if you need any further information.